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A-100 System by Doepfer

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This item is used. Everything is in perfect working order. It comes in a Eowave's portable suitcase (more light then the Doepfer case), with 2x Source D'Energie as PSU for more power stability. Cosmetically it is perfect, only a little scratch on the A-118 Noise front panel. View more pictures.


  • 2x standard VCO A-110
  • 1x Ring Modulator A-114
  • 1 x audio Divider A-115
  • 1 x VC Waveform Processor A-116
  • 1 x Noise / Random A-118
  • 1 x VCF1 A-120 (24dB lowpass 1)
  • 1 x XP VCF A-106-6 VCF2
  • 1 x linear VCA A-130
  • 1 x logarithmic VCA A-131
  • 1 x linear mixer A-138a
  • 1 x logarithmic Mixer A-138b
  • 2x ADSR A-140
  • 1 x LFO A-145
  • 1 x LFO2 A-146
  • 1 x Dual-S
  • 1 x trigger divider A-160
  • 1 x trigger sequencer A-161
  • 1 x Dual Slew Limiter A-170
  • 1 x Multiple IA-180
  • MIDI interface A-190-4

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