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Odessa is an additive oscillator, which means the output signal is synthesized by adding a multitude of sinusoidal components (up to 2560 harmonic partials).

By manipulating their parameters it is possible to obtain a broad range of unearthly sounds as well as classic saw, square, and pure sine. Odessa offers a set of controls for shaping harmonic spectra based on number of partials and their distribution in frequency and amplitude; all of which is illustrated by a spectrum analyzer comprising 12 multicolor LEDs.

The series of harmonics can be squeezed or spread apart, tilted, or pruned by a comb-like frequency response, resulting in a huge variety of spectra. Animating the comb response yields radical effects similar to flanging and phasing. All partials are frequency-related to a common fundamental and controlled by a single volt/octave input. Additionally, the signal can be frequency modulated by exponential and linear (through-zero) means. Also, up to five detuned voices can be spread apart for a fat and dense cluster, or a powerful chord.


  • Powerful additive synthesis engine with up to 2560 sinusoidal partials
  • 0.5Hz to 21kHz frequency range with resolution of 0.006Hz
  • Harmonic or inharmonic spectra shaped by tilt and warped comb response
  • Volt/octave pitch control
  • Through-zero linear FM input
  • Up to 5 unison and detuneable voices
  • Three signal outputs
  • 24hp, skiff friendly
  • Current draw: +110mA / -80mA
  • Reverse power protection

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