Batumi II by Xaoc Devices

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Batumi [ˌbaˈtumi] II is not merely a common LFO, times four.

Instead, it offers four channels of wide-range voltage and tempo-controlled oscillators that may operate independently or in several synchronous modes, scoring 12 simultaneously available waveforms that may be phase offset or frequency dependent with variable ratios.

It is a powerful, versatile, multifaceted modulation hub that may act as the central driving force for any modular patch.


  • Digital 4-Channel LFO
  • Each channel can operate independently or synchronised to channel 1 in various modes
  • Free LFO Mode (4 independent channels)
  • Quadratur LFO Mode
  • Phase LFO mode (with adjustable phase shift from channel 2-4), Divide and Multiply LFO mode
  • CV input and clock/reset input per channel
  • 1V/octave pitch tracking for use as a 4-channel VCO
  • Outputs per channel for sine, square and selectable waveform (sawtooth, triangle, random and more)
  • 10HP
  • 45 mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Power: +90mA/-50mA


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