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Crucible by WMD

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Curved Metal and Cymbal Synthesizer

Feel the sizzle as you harness the energy of liquid metal. Forge your sonic desires, and rain hot fire onto the eardrums of your listeners. Cymbals, gongs, bells, and sheet metal are the territory of Crucible.


  • Positional trigger input. Hit the edge, middle, or bell.
  • 3 Model Types: Cymbal, Cracked Cymbal, and Curved Plate
  • Audio input for experimental effects.
  • Separate Pitch and Size controls for maximum realism.
  • Choke input for perfectly timed catches.
  • Proprietary Synthesis model using digital filter and delay networks. No samples!
  • Size: 8HP
  • Depth: 38 mm
  • Power: +12V = 63mA; -12V = 17mA

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