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C4rbn by WMD

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C4RBN is a 4/2-pole state variable filter with input saturation, output wavefolding and more. It offers a wide range of characters, from nice and clean filter sounds to screaming, squeaky, sounds.


  • 3 independent 2 pole outputs for High Pass, Low Pass, and Bandpass
  • Inverting Attenuator (attenuverter) for FM allows for positive and negative CV control over the cutoff frequency
  • Independent 4 Pole output with switchable frequency response
  • Input Saturation with 3 switchable levels and CV input for additional fine control
  • PING circuit generates a fast decay envelope emulating the response of a vactrol
  • Output wavefolder for extra bite and screaming character
  • Resonance with self oscillation
  • Temperature compensated 1V/Oct tracking.
  • Performance focused control scheme allows for on-the-fly changes of filter types with intention
  • Size: 4HP
  • Power: 92 mA +12V, 82 mA -12V

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