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Polyphrase by Vongon

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Polyphrase is a stereo echo and looping device inspired by early proto-digital delays of the 1970’s like the Lexicon Prime Time.

As sophisticated as it is easy-to-use, Polyphrase is capable of everything from rich, dubby rhythmic repeats, to metallic resonant flanges. It is unique in being able to generate loops as long as 22 seconds, opening up a new palette of sonic possibilities for the avant-garde, ambient, or adventurous musician.


  • Delay times from 5ms up to 22s
  • Two delay tracks, for true stereo
  • Processing of the feedback by external effects
  • Tone parameters (LP, HP filter)
  • Pitch modulation of the feedback
  • Tap tempo and MIDI sync (MIDI-CC)
  • 3 gain settings for different input levels


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