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PERfourMER MKII Cv/Gate by Vermona

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PERfourMER MKII consists of four full-fledged monophonic synthesizers (synth channels) that can be combined at will to create unusual or classic sounds.

The analogue oscillator with five wave forms plus a noise generator builds the sound foundation that is then passed to the musical 24-dB-lowpass filter with adjustable resonance, followed by the discrete built VCA to shape its volume contour. Modulation sources are a flexible syncable LFO and the envelope generator with controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.

PERfourMER MKII’s true potential lies within the combination of its multiple synthesizer channels. Whether you use reciprocal frequency modulation, synchronization, different PLAYMODES or, ideally, all of these functions combined. Possibilities are endless and it is you to decide to use PERfourMER MKII as a four voice synthesizer or as an orchestra of individual instruments.


  • One analogue oscillator with sine-, triangle-, square-, and sawtooth-waveform, white noise generator or external audio signal
  • One lowpass filter with 24 db/octave and resonance
  • One LFO with sawtooth (down), square, sine and sample & hold
  • One ADSR envelope generator for VCO (pitch), VCF and VCA
  • Frequency modulation of VCO or VCF
  • Oscillator synchronization (hard-sync)
  • Playmodes for connected Synthesizer Channels: M1 - monophonic, unison, M2 - monophonic, rotating, D1 - duophonic, unison, D2 - duophonic, rotating, P1, P2 - polyphonic
  • Cv/Gate Inputs
  • Dimensions: approx. 43.5 cm x 31.5 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3.7 kg

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