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Super Gemini by UDO Audio

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The Super Gemini is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid powerhouse.

Employing an unprecedented dual-layer design, the Super Gemini gifts you with immediate comprehensive control over both timbral layers, allowing you to tweak, mold and bend your performances on a synth with unparalleled sonic possibilities.


  • Duality in Control – Equipped with dual synth-control levels, the Super Gemini gifts you with comprehensive and immediate control over multiple timbral layers, calling out for you to tweak, mold, bend your performances in an unprecedented, real-time form. This is a synth that opens new heights of powerful and immediate play.
  • The Power of Play – Boasting an enormous 20 analog voice count, the Super Gemini equips the player with an uncompromisingly powerful sound engine, freeing your sound from physical limitations and empowering the player to explore the celebrated UDO sound to its absolute fullest.
  • Inspired by the Classics, Built for Today – Super Gemini fuses a state-of-the-art FPGA digital architecture with archetypal voltage-controlled synthesizer technology. This harmonious marriage of old and new encompasses all that is great from the era of classic analog polyphonic synthesizers, yet in an unparalleled form factor which is immensely powerful, flexible, and reliable.
  • Premium build quality – Forged entirely from aluminium and steel, the Super Gemini is undeniably robust. Equipped with an array of superior quality mechanical controls, the Super Gemini is engineered for reliability and service. As a loyal workmate and companion, this instrument is designed to stand the test of time.
  • Expression – Featuring a custom-engineered ribbon controller and a 61-note semi-weighted keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch, the Super Gemini will enhance your musicianship from the first touch, teasing out new ways and gestures for you to explore and express your sound.
  • Binaural Synthesis – Employing a true-stereo signal path, the Super Gemini twins its 20 voices to form 10 ‘Super voices’. As a result, the left and right channels and each ear are assigned a complete synthesizer voice. Not only does this allow for the warm analog tone that UDO is championing, but it empowers you to create extremely dynamic spatial sounds.


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