Model 266t by Tiptop Audio

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  • 2 Channels for fluctuating random control voltages, each with adjustable rate (0.05Hz - 50Hz) and CV input
  • 1 Channel for quantised random control voltages (number of states selectable via controller and CV input) with trigger input and two outputs with different statistical distribution of the random values
  • 1 Channel for random control voltages with trigger input and 2 outputs for uniform statistical distribution and adjustable distribution of amplitude frequency (distribution of low, medium and high voltage values controllable via controller and CV input)
  • Adjustable integrator / slew limiter with CV input
  • Sample & Hold section with four alternating outputs for the trigger and CV signals
  • Noise generator with three outputs (pink, white and blue noise)
  • Size: 24HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 150 mA +12 V, 100 mA -12 V

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