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Lyra 8 Black Beast by Soma Laboratory

Lyra 8 Black Beast

by Soma Laboratory

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The Lyra 8 is based on eight generators, which will be referred to as voices. Their design is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependency on control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. Lyra uses non-linearity a lot, and the voices are constructed in such a way that allows for non-linearity to express itself.

For all its experimental character, Lyra is a professional instrument. Its output dynamics are balanced, so that even in extreme modes it won't harm an amp or speaker on-stage. The frequency response has been adjusted for live performance, where you naturally have that screaming high-midrange and not enough low-end. To compensate for this, low frequencies have been boosted a little, while the highs sound softer. Unless you push the limits and use extreme modes of course.