Context 2 by Red Panda Labs

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The Context is a reverb pedal inspired by 1980’s rack mount reverbs. It has 8 algorithms, including room, hall, cathedral, gated reverb, reverse reverb, plate, spring, and a granular reverb.

Version 2 adds stereo input/output, USB MIDI, fully assignable expression pedal, 3 new modes, delay plus reverb in all modes, separate high and low frequency damping controls, modulation, dynamic reverb, and infinite hold.

The Room, Hall, Cathedral, Gated, and Plate reverb algorithms are updated versions of the Context version 1 reverbs, but now delay is available in all modes. They also has separate low and high damping controls with more range, along with all the other new features.

The modulation knob changes the amount and character of the internal modulation. It gives you a mix of different modulation types from 1980’s and early 90’s reverbs, including chorus modulation, random modulation that keeps the pitch stable, and deep modulated reverbs.

Designed and assembled in USA. The Context 2 requires a 9 V 250 mA center negative power supply (not included).


  • ROOM - fast buildup, good for thickening sounds
  • HALL - slower buildup with longer initial delay
  • CATH(edral) - emulates a large, reflective space
  • GATE(d) - gated reverb with non-linear decay
  • REV(erse) - reverse reverb
  • PLATE - bright, dense studio plate reverb
  • SPRING - spring reverb
  • GRAIN - granular reverb
  • Size: 78 x 121 x 52mm
  • 9 VDC, center negative (not included)
  • Current:250 mA


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