Play+ by Polyend

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The original Play set the standard for instant playability. Play+ takes Polyend’s unique groovebox experience to new heights with an upgraded internal architecture, which enables a host of new features and enhancements while retaining the same sleek Play form factor.

Immerse yourself in richer stereo sounds, delve into multitimbral polyphonic synthesis, and experience seamless audio over USB.


  • 8-voice for samples, 8-voice for synthesizers or up to 8x5 MIDI polyphony
  • 3 synthesizer slots each of which can be assigned 1 of 4 built-in synthesizer models (more models will be added in upcoming releases)
  • 3 Analog emulations and 1 FM Operator based model Each syntheseizer can be operated per step with 6 Multimacros (up to 5 parameters in 1 Multimacro)
  • Up to 16-tracks (8 internal audio tracks and 8 individual polyphonic MIDI tracks / Synthesizers tracks), 64-steps, 128 patterns.
  • Over 30,000 track variations available (128 Patterns holding 16 tracks, with each individual track holding up to 16 variations).
  • 30+ Play Modes with various variants for playing loops
  • WAV, 16-bit/44.1kHz, Stereo & Mono samples
  • Effects: Volume, Filters, Overdrive, Chance and Action Combo, Randomizer, Step Repeater, Chords and Bass and Smart Beat fills
  • Master FX: Reverb, Delay, Sound Enhancer, Limiter, Saturator Live Perform mode: Tuning, Filter cutoff, Distortion, Rearrange, Repeat, Delay, Reverb, Loop
  • MIDI, Audio over USB (Type C)
  • Power adapter 5V/1A (USB-A to USB-C) included Power bank (not-included)
  • microSD card 16GB (included)

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