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BOUM by Oto Machines


by Oto Machines

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BOUM is a full analog stereo warming unit, combining an easy-to-use compressor, a versatile distortion generator and a smooth low-pass filter. BOUM is the perfect tool when you need to add warmth, thickness, and character to your sounds, but also apply severe distortion and extreme compression treatments.

BOUM is based on an original and unique circuit, including the following stages:
  • INPUT GAIN: boost your signal up to +18db to adapt BOUM to many signal levels, and also improve the distortion content and the compression sensitivity.
  • COMPRESSOR: with a single knob, control the 3 essential parameters of a compressor, threshold, ratio and makeup gain, without thinking of how a compressor works. The ratio ranges from 1:1 (no compression) to inf. :1 (limiter), but also negative compression up to 1: -1 - 6 different Attack and release times are available for fine tuning.
  • LO CUT FILTER: attenuate the distortion content of the bass frequencies, making your distorted sound easier to mix with the original one, with this 6 dB/Octave lo cut filter.

  • DISTORTION GENERATOR: choose one of the 4 different distortion circuits, Boost - Tube - Fuzz - Square.
  • NOISE GATE: remove the noise coming from the different treatments, or use it for interesting chopping effects. 
All these analog effects are packaged in a compact format, with 36 user presets and full MIDI control.
BOUM will give you a wide range of compression, distortion and filtering effects, ranging from subtle harmonic enhancement to an insane square distortion, and everything in between.