The item is discontinued.

Elements is a full-blown synthesis voice based on modal synthesis, an under-appreciated flavour of physical modelling synthesis with a strange and abstract feel.

Elements combines an exciter synthesis section generating raw, noisy sounds characteristic of bowing (filtered friction noise), blowing (pitch-controlled granular noise), or striking (stick, mallet, hammer or brush sample playback… or bursts of synthetic impulsions).

These sources, or external audio signals, are processed by a modal filter bank – an ensemble of 64 tuned band-pass filters simulating the response of various resonant structures (plates, strings, tubes…) with adjustable brightness and damping. A stereo ambience reverberator adds depth and presence to the sound.


  • Three generators with mixer: bowing noise, blowing noise, percussive impulses
  • Envelope contour for bowing and blowing
  • Bowing noise generator: particle-like scratching noise with 2-pole low-pass filter
  • Blowing noise generator: granular pitched noise with wavetable-like scanning between various tone colors
  • Percussive impulse generator: interpolates through a collection of impulsive excitations
  • All exciter and resonator parameters have a dedicated CV input with attenuverter
  • Strength input, for amplitude control of the exciter section
  • Frequency control through a V/O input controlling the main resonator frequency, and an FM input
  • Two audio inputs: one pre-envelope and diffuser, the other patched straight to the resonator
  • Stereo audio output, with adjustable width/reverberation. It is also possible to output the raw exciter signal on one channel, and the raw resonator signal on the other
  • Size: 34HP
  • Power: 130 mA +12V, 10 mA -12V

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