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Subharmonicon by Moog

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The Moog Subharmonicon is a dual-oscillator semi-modular analog synth, with dual envelope generators, a resonant VCF, VCA and built-in step sequencer. Beyond these features, though, the Subharmonicon features multiple sub-oscillators, logic functions and more.

The Subharmonicon is being introduced at Moogfest 2018, as part of the event’s ‘Engineer Pass’. Attendees that choose this option get VIP access to the festival and the opportunity to build the Subharmonicon, with the assistance of Moog Music Engineers, during a two-day synth-building workshop. The company has not announced plans for making this available outside of Moogfest at this time.


  • Oscillator: VCO 1, SUB 1, SUB 2 / VCO 2, SUB 1, SUB 2
  • Filter: Self-Oscillating Ladder Filter, Low-Pass, 4-Pole (-24 dB/Octave)
  • Analog Sequencer: 2x4 Step per Sequencer
  • Clock: Driven by Rhythm Generator
  • Power: 360mA (maximum) da +12VDC (10-pin header)
  • Size: 60HP (1” / 26mm Module Depth)


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