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MiniTaur by Moog

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Minitaur is a powerful, compact Analog Bass Synthesizer that features a classic one knob per function design.

The Minitaur puts legendary analog Moog bass into a package designed to fit seamlessly into today's performance and production environments.

There are no confusing or convoluted menus to dig through. Plug in a MIDI controller or hook it up to your computer and start playing immediately.


  • 2 Waveshape Oscillators with Square and Saw waveshapes
  • Monophonic (Can be poly-chained)
  • Filter 20Hz-20KHz Moog Ladder Filter
  • Modulation Sources LFO (Triange, Square, Saw, Ramp, Sample & Hold), Filter Envelope
  • 2x ADSR Envelopes with Legato On, Legato Off and EG Reset
  • Audio Output ¼” TS, ⅛” TRS Headphone with volume control
  • MIDI I/O DIN In, and MIDI I/O over USB
  • Filter CV (Fixed Dest.), Pitch CV (Default), Volume CV (Default), KB Gate (Default)

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