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Syncussion SY-1 Expanded I/O by Michigan Synth Works

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Michigan Synth Works SY-1 Expanded I/O Configuration is a replica of the sought-after Pearl SY-1 drum machine, which has become a cult device with its flexible, accessible and expressive sound creator.


  • Replica of the Pearl Syncussion SY-1
  • Two-voice drum synthesizer with two voices each
  • Five different sound generation modes plus noise
  • Each voice with controls for Tune, Decay, Sweep Amount, Sweep Speed, Sweep Up/Off/Down, LFO Amount, LFO Shape (triangle or square), Sample/Hold
  • Can be controlled via drum trigger/V-trig
  • Inputs: Trig 1+2, Mod 1+2, Mute, Tune 1,2 CV In
  • Outputs: 1+2
  • Expanded I/O Configuration: The inputs and outputs use 1/4" Stereo to 1/4" (3 included) to greatly expand the capabilities of the device


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