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16n Faderbank White by Michigan Synth Works

The item is discontinued.

Sixteen CCs over USB-midi for control CV and Midi signal!


  • 16 60mm faders
  • sixteen CCs over USB-midi
  • sixten CCs over minijack midi (with switch to swap between standards)
  • sixteen 0-5V CV output jacks, one per channel.
  • I2C: monome-style I2C protocol over TRS (tip is SDA, ring is SCL), works with Monome Teletype; also, I2C MASTER mode, works with monome Ansible, ER-301, TXo, etc (may require firmware patching or modification to connected device).
  • Power from 5V micro-usb into Teensy on left-hand side, or from your computer.

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