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Morphagene by Make Noise

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The Morphagene is a next generation Tape and Microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices, and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist.


  • Voltage control over all sound manipulation parameters
  • STEREO I/O with Input Gain Selection, works with line- or modular-level signals
  • Recording Reel can be up to 2 minutes 54 seconds long
  • Record/ create up to 99 Splices per Reel
  • SD Card stores multiple Reels
  • Sound On Sound (SOS) allows for layering sounds
  • Playback and Recording independent, like having two machines
  • Vari-Speed range 12 semitones up and 26 down, over 3 octaves
  • 24-bit codec, creates 48k 32bit WAV files
  • Back up Reels on computer with SD Card
  • includes blank SD Card
  • Size: 20HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 165 mA +12V, 20 mA -12V

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