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MATHS by Make Noise

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Maths is a control voltage generator and processor. Amongst other things can be used as an Envelope Generator, LFO, Slew Generator, a polarizer/attenuator, clock divider, and a VCO.

It can translate digital information (clocks and triggers) into analog information, and vice versa. The wave shapes can be changed from Logarithmic to Linear to Exponential with a control knob, which also affects their frequency range and timbre.

Two cycle buttons easily convert the functions from triggered or gated envelopes to looping LFOs.


  • Analog Computer Module Designed for Musical Control Voltage Manipulation and Generation
  • Voltage Controlled Envelope or LFO as slow as 25 minutes and as fast as 1khz
  • Apply Lag, Slew or Portamento to control voltages
  • Change the depth of modulation and modulate backwards
  • Combine up to 4 control signals to create more complex modulations
  • Musical Events such as Ramping up or Down in Tempo, on command
  • Initiating Musical events upon sensing motion in the system
  • Musical note division and/or Flam
  • Size: 20HP
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Power: 60 mA +12V, 50 mA -12V


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