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Implexus by Majella

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The Implexus is a performance-oriented musical instrument which will inspire you to compose music and explore its unique soundscape.

The Implexus has a carefully designed analogue signal path with many unique ways to create intriguing sounds. The many sound shaping methods and modulation possibilities help you to create west-coast style harmonically rich sounds as well as thick east-coast analog sounds.


  • Hybrid monophonic desktop synth
  • Analog complex oscillator sound source controlled by linear FM amount
  • Basic three shape (square, sine, and saw) and complex variable waveshape based on harmonics
  • Coarse octave switching and fine-tuning per oscillator with LED tuner in between
  • Variable wavefolder with bias control along with two audio-rate modulation sources via LFOs
  • Analog 2-pole resonant filter with switchable low/high pass shapes
  • Filter mixes in both oscillators as well as an additional sub-oscillator rooted from the complex oscillator
  • Two syncable LFOs that range 0.01 to 100Hz, each sporting five waveshapes (random, square, sine, ramp, and saw)
  • Two ADSR envelopes with velocity controls with looping and droning options
  • Digital syncable delay with feedback and timing controls
  • Oscillator pitch shaping with glide and vibrato as well as clocking section with tap tempo and analog clock input
  • Loads of CV control as well as MIDI performability over 5-pin DIN or USB

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