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Multicassa Desktop by L.E.P

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The Multicassa drum module consists of three sound generators and four clock dividers which sequence the drum sounds. It can be clocked internally or from an external input to sync it with other synthesizers or clocks.

Each sound can be triggered from two of the internal clock dividers simultaneously with their own individual velocities. A mix/crossfade knob controls the level of the clock divisions which then trigger the drum sounds. Each sound source has a control knob for Mix, Frequency, Resonance, and Distortion.

Resonance can be used up to self oscillation, turning the Multicassa into a three oscillator drone bank. When the external clock input is being used, the BPM knob becomes a master clock divider.


  • Clock input and output
  • Two trigger inputs and outputs
  • Individual outputs
  • Mix output
  • Requires a 12 Volts (center positive) power supply - not included.

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