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Leploop by L.E.P

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Leploop was designed to be a minimalist electronic music live-performance groove-box, which can be used to create a variety of electronic musical styles.

The Leploop consists of two VCOs; the first with selectable wave form, the second with FM (source: VCO1, EG1 or LFO).

In the mixer section you can route and mix the oscillators. Of all sections the VCOs have the most modulation possibilites, even inverted envelope 1 or external CVs. Further sound sources are a noise generator and the Cassa, a heavy bass drum with hard distortion, nasty distortion and attack. An external audio input is available, too.


  • S&H outputs: CV and Gate
  • Sequencer outputs: CV and gate
  • LFO out, Cassa gate out, clock out
  • VCO2 and oscillator mix (3.5mm outputs)
  • CV inputs for both oscillators
  • CV outs for both AD-envelopes
  • External audio input
  • MIDI Input (5 pin DIN socket)
  • Audio output, Cassa individual output (1/4" sockets)
  • Included in the box: Power Supply, Manual

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