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Minilogue XD Module by Korg

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Four-voice polyphonic analog synthesis. The analog synthesizer circuit of the minilogue, whose genuine analog sound had a huge impact on the synth world, has been further developed for the minilogue xd.


  • 4 Voice Polyphony
  • Poly-chain function allows the coupling of two XD devices to double the polyphony
  • 2 Analogue VCOs and digital multi-engine oscillator (Noise, FM, User Wavetables) per voice
  • Oscillator sync and ring modulation
  • 16 Slots for user oscillators and 16 slots for user effects
  • 2-Pole filter with drive circuit
  • Envelope for pitch and filter, VCA with envelope, LFO
  • 500 Sounds storable - 200 presets + 300 user sounds
  • Digital effects section with modulation effects, delay and reverb
  • 4 Voice modes: Poly, Unison, Chord, Arp / Latch
  • Joystick for pitchbend and modulation
  • Micro tuning with 23 preset and 6 user scales
  • Polyphonic 16 Step Sequencer with Motion Sequencer
  • Display the generated waveform by oscilloscope function in the OLED display
  • 44 Controls for direct access to all parameters
  • Control panel made of robust aluminium
  • Rear wall made of real wood
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 500 x 179 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg

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