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Mixwitch by Klavis

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Focused versatility seems an oxymoron when describing the features that led us to design the Mixwitch. With only a pinch of mixing, inverting and controlled switching, we brew up a plethora of combinations and uses. This is voltage processing magic!


  • Mixer / switcher
  • Dual 2: 1 mixer
  • Normalised 4: 1
  • Click-free mute
  • Click-free polarity reversal per input with LED indicator
  • Modulation vs. Audio mode selection (lin / log) pr mixer
  • 2 LEDs on each output indicate the amplitude and polarity of the output signal
  • Non-connected inputs have a fixed voltage to facilitate offset generation
  • DC-coupled analogue signal path
  • Switch between 4 inputs, only 2 or disabled
  • Input sequential or random via clock / trigger selectable
  • Input selectable depending on the control voltage
  • Settings are retained via the circuit
  • Size: 8HP
  • Power: 39mA (+12V) / 24mA (-12V)

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