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CalTrans by Klavis

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The CalTrans solves issues encountered when playing tonal music with a modular system: tracking problems, curves unrelated to Volt per octave ratio, limited octave range, cumbersome transpose, ...

The Caltrans corrects and expands the range of troublesome VCOs and brings V/Oct tracking to anything that oscillates. Besides calibration, the CalTrans offers live play features. Each channel can be quantized and any combination of them transposed jointly.

VCOs that don't require calibration can be used simply in "Neutral" mode to benefit from the transposition and other musical features.

A pair of rotary encoders with detent allow a precise selection of octaves and semitones.

VCOs whose tracking doesn’t go high (low) enough to follow the leader will see their pitch repositioned in their highest (lowest) possible octave so that the global harmony is unaffected. You can add a pinch of portamento and glissando to each channel and save the whole in user presets.


  • 4 Channel oscillator calibrator
  • Measures and calibrates the pitch CV characteristic curve for up to 4 oscillators and corrects for octave tracking
  • Coarse and fine tuning per channel is over 10 octaves
  • Portamento and Glissando adjustable per channel (0-10 seconds)
  • Integrated chromatic quantizer
  • 4 memory locations for transposition
  • Glissando and Portamento user preset settings
  • Size: 6HP
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Power: 44 mA +12V, 8 mA -12V


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