Step 8 by Joranalogue

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Sequencers, sequential switches, counters, analogue shift registers... Modular synthesisers provide a wealth of creative sequential functions for controlling and processing signals. Choosing which of these to include in a system can be a bewildering task.

Except when you don’t have to choose. Step 8 represents a new type of modular building block: a sequential tracking/sampling register, which can be configured to provide any of these functions, and many more.


  • Analogue 1-to-8 voltage tracking or high-speed sampling register
  • Precision circuitry to process any signal, including pitch CV, accurately
  • Cycling or shifting sequential control modes
  • 8 high-performance 'low droop' hold circuits with solo function
  • Integrated sequential counter with step, pause, reset and reverse inputs, and step button
  • Step trigger output for easy tempo synchronisation of additional modules
  • Stage input to directly address the register via control voltage
  • Impedance-compensated individual stage analogue outputs with LED-equipped attenuation sliders
  • Scanning output for sequencer, addressed voltage source or waveshaper use
  • Individual stage gate outputs with LEDs
  • Size: 16HP
  • Power: +12: 110 mA, −12: 45 mA

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