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In everyday usage, 'chaos' means 'disorder, 'randomness'. In mathematics however, chaos has a very specific meaning. Chaos theory deals with systems exhibiting highly irregular behaviour, seemingly random yet completely deterministic.

Applying this to the world of modular synths opens up a whole new world of modulation opportunities, introducing a natural irregularity to otherwise purely ‘mechanical’ music, yet with much more control and repeatability than just simple randomness.

In chaos theory, the combination of all possible oscillations at a specific set of parameters is known as the ‘attractor’. Orbit 3 incorporates a modified electronic analogue of the classic double-scroll attractor. Since it contains some (bi)stable regions in addition to chaotic ones, this type is known as a ‘strange’ attractor.

The voltages at each of the module’s outputs can be thought to describe the orbit of a particle through 3D space around two equilibrium points. The positions of these points, as well as the distribution of the orbits and rate of movement can all be adjusted under manual or voltage control.


  • Fully analogue three-dimensional chaos oscillator with classic double-scroll strange attractor
  • Intuitive, voltage controlled attractor parameters: distribution and position of both scrolls, plus tame/wild behaviour switch
  • Temperature-compensated 1 volt/octave pitch tracking
  • Ultra-wide frequency range: 2.4 mHz (7 minutes) to 22 kHz
  • Reset input for synchronised modulations or ‘hard sync’ audio tones
  • Impedance-compensated, amplitude-balanced complementary chaos outputs with dual-colour LEDs
  • Active equilibrium point gate output
  • Size: 10HP
  • Power: +12: 70 mA, −12: 65 mA


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