Tetrapad by Intellijel

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Tetrapad is a versatile, multi-dimensional, touch-sensitive control surface for Eurorack. Each of its four pads use force sensing resistors to respond to both the vertical position of your finger and its pressure.

Four push encoders and a shift function give you even more tactile control over your modular system.

Tetrapad operates in numerous modes, each of which configures the module to perform a specific control task. Through these modes, Tetrapad can emulate a bank of faders; a voltage storage device; a finger drumming surface; a chord generator; an 8-key keyboard; four independent LFOs; or an 8-switch panel.

The chosen mode determines what type of signal (CV, note, trigger, gate, etc.) is sent from each of Tetrapad’s eight independent outputs, while its multitude of multi-colored LEDs keep you informed of exactly what’s happening within each mode.


  • Size: 20HP
  • Depth: 19mm
  • Power: 130mA @ 12V, 15mA @ -12V

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