Tête by Intellijel

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Tête expands our touch surface, Tetrapad. Capture your gestures, save them, play them back with the Tête's looper or step sequencer; modulate your physical input with external CV from your modular; and finally sync all of your motions with the internal or an external clock. You've never touched anything like it.

Voltages allows the creation and storage of up to 16 voltage memory locations. These can be freely played, recorded and looped in the style of a looper or played as a clocked sequence. The X- and Y-coordinates of the generated CV-matrix can also be traversed in cartesian style (like the Make Noise Rene).

Notes is, to put it simply, a chord sequencing tool.

Combo allows the recording and playback of combined gestures such as: Fader, Bipolar Fader, Crossfader, Euclidean Sequences, Switches and LFOs.


  • Step-recording (Sequencing) Tetrapad performances of up to 256 steps
  • Real-time recording (Looping) of Tetrapad performances. Although technically limited only by the size of the microSD card, Tête’s interface is optimized for dealing with recordings around 5 minutes in length
  • Loopy performance mode in both the Looper and Sequencer, for repetitive stutter effects or even granular-level CV looping
  • Smart overdub with touch detection and a toggle to overdub “no touch” to your loop recordings
  • Three additional user-assignable CV outputs
  • 99 User-presets for each Mode (Combo, Notes, and Voltages)
  • Size: 8HP
  • Depth: 39mm
  • Power: 120 mA +12V, 6 mA -12V

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