Plonk by Intellijel

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Plonk uses a technique known as physical modelling to synthesize, with great realism, the way in which sound is produced by acoustic instruments.

The Plonk module is, itself, focused primarily on creating percussive sounds both pitched and un-pitched, natural and unnatural, acoustic sounding or totally electronic.

Plonk does this by breaking sound creation into two distinct elements, the exciter and the resonator. The exciter is a mathematical model of the device used to strike a particular surface. Plonk, because it’s percussion oriented, has two types of exciters: one modelled on a mallet, and the other providing a noise source.

The resonator is a virtualization of the object being struck, which vibrates, resonates and creates the body of a sound. Plonk offers several types of resonators: beam, marimba, drumhead, membrane, plate, and string. Plonk stores up to 128 patches in its internal memory, and ships with many presets programmed by professional sound designers and composers.


  • Size: 12HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Power: 170 mA +12V, 6 mA -12V

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