Mutamix by Intellijel

The item is discontinued.

Blending signals and mixing audio is what patching is all about. Consider mixing up to six audio or CV signals down to three separate busses. Now take it a step beyond by sequencing or toggling mute states on the incoming signals with CV from a clock source, sequencer or even a random source.

The unique configuration of the Mutamix allows it to function as much more than an Audio/CV mixer, opening up possibilities for sequential switching, complex modulation routing, voice allocation or hocketing, step sequencing, or combinations of all of the above!


  • 6 Linear LED sliders for input attenuation control
  • 6 Audio/cv inputs
  • 6 Mute/function inputs
  • 6 Three-way bus routing switches
  • 6 control buttons
  • 3 Audio/CV BUS outputs with attenuators on A and C
  • Header to normal Linix output to the 6 inputs
  • Size: 18HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Power: 58 mA +12V, 44 mA -12V

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