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7U Case 84HP Silver (84 TE / TPS80W) by Intellijel

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The 7U Case offered here features two 3 U rows and a 1 U row with 84 HP each.

The latter can be filled with all kinds of space-saving utility modules, for instance a MIDI CV converter, a quad attenuator and / or a digital reverb processor.

The integrated power supply TPS80W delivers 3000 A at +12 V and -12 V as well as 1500 A at +5 V. Thanks to a carrying handle and a solid lid, the 7U case is perfect for mobile setups.


  • Size: Outside dimensions with lid: 312 mm x 165 mm x 445 mm
  • Depth: Outside dimensions without lid: 312 mm x 83 mm x 445 mm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg with lid, 2.7 kg with lid and power adapter

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