Fumana by Frap Tools

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The Fumana is an all analog dual filter bank with various control to access dynamically these bands.

The module is specialized in spectral effects. One channel comes equipped with an envelope follower per band. Perfect for analyzing modulator signals.

The other channel has a total of 16 VCAs built-in, meaning it is tailored for processing carrier material. Odd and even bands can be fed with audio signals independently. For vocoder effects, there is an unvoiced input. Other features include Tilt and parametric scan functions.


  • TWO 16 bands filterbanks: main filterbank of 16 fixed bandpass filter 48 dB/oct, secondary for analysis and creation of envelopes to be used as modulation signals
  • Parametric scanning: gain or peak/notch, center, width
  • True 16 bands analog spectral transfer, also usable for vocoder alike results
  • Odd & even input/output, to split the filterbank in two for multiple or hybrid processing
  • Flat frequency response, which provides a wider sonic palette
  • First module capable a full 16 bands, or two 8 bands, spectral transfer
  • Size: 42HP
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Power: 410 mA +12V, 370 mA -12V


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