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Polygogo by E-RM

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Graphical stereo oscillator with original Polygonal Synthesis

Polygonal Synthesis was originally invented at E-RM by Maximilian Rest and Christoph Hohnerlein. It is based on complex two dimensional amplitude shaping of sine waves, combined with internal modulation sources and a new type of wave folder. The main algorithmic core is carried out on a digital processor to guarantee absolute frequency stability for internal modulations. The stereo wave-overflow output is classic analog circuitry, to retain unprecedented crispness and an open sound. Its “single knob – single function” interface, created in collaboration with instrument designer Tatsuya Takahashi, makes the polygogo not only a terrific live performance synthesizer, but a great tool for meticulous sound design as well – no menus involved.


  • E-RM Polygonal Synthesis technique
  • 384 kHz internal sample rate
  • 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo output
  • High contrast OLED interface
  • Six performance sliders for all main parameters
  • Eight fine tune potentiometers / precision attenuators respectively attenuverters
  • Three push buttons with LED feedback for selecting a mode of operation
  • 3U Eurorack module, 32 HP wide, 26 mm in depth
  • 110 mA @ +12 V, 15 mA @ -12 V
  • Weight: 266 g

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