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Improve your musical setup with a jitterfree masterclock.

The midiclock⁺ generates incredibly accurate MIDI Clock messages, DIN Sync & Analogue Clock pulses in a range from 40-300 BPM with a jitter of max. 500ns. Improve your musical setup now by removing clock jitter and get rid of sloppy timing. Two DIN output sockets connect to your gear. Each of them can be configured individually to MIDI Clock or either DIN Sync (sync24) or Analogue clock (8ppq). Clock signals can be distributed to numerous slaves by using MIDI Thru boxes, DIN Sync hubs and modular multiples. During playback, the midiclock⁺ is always able to resync all MIDI Clock gear on the next downbeat of a 4/4 time signature. If one of your slaves gets out of sync by any reason, just push the resync button and everything is aligned again on the next downbeat without stopping your performance.


  • Extended BPM range: 40-300BPM
  • Both output sockets are configurable as MIDI or SYNC
  • The default alternate function is DIN Sync/Sync24
  • You can connect any DIN Sync capable device and sync it to your MIDI gear

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