Nymphes by Dreadbox

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Nymphes are chthonic demi-goddesses who not only personify nature but are regularly associated with the wild. They inhabit rivers, springs, woods, groves, fields, caves, mountains and valleys. They preside over fountains, sacred wells and fresh water.

The Polyphonic Synthesizer Nymphes was developed during the obscure pandemic times and we really hope that it will bring a pinch of happiness on your face.


  • All Analog Synthesizer (except for the reverb)
  • 6 Voices Polyphony
  • 12 Envelopes and 7 LFOs
  • 6 different playing modes
  • 98 Presets Memory (49 factory and 49 user)
  • MIDI over USB or via DIN5
  • Compact, USB powered for maximum portability
  • Dimensions: 24 x 12.5 x 3.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.85 kg


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