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Various Artists - The Spirit Of The Age Vol.1 by Details Sound

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The first in a series of various artists to be released by Details Sound - The Spirit Of The Age Vol. 1 is a personal attempt to represent "the spirit" of this moment, an eye on the sea, where the initial intention of powerful and dynamic body music is changing, leaving room for a more contemplative and reflective way of dancing, where large places give space to the little ones, taking back the original spirit of being together.

On the A side, Anatolian Weapons opens with A Series Of Changes - a progression of looped vocals and acidic basslines that culminate in a full, liberating rhythm. Following A Hand Modern Cage focuses on a more hypnotic and evocative soundtrack that can perfectly match an atmospheric opening.

On the flip Gamma Intel’s Note To My Love delivers a mix of broken and electro rhythms that are part of the artist signature sound, ending with an intricate weave of melodic basslines. The last track Dense And Ragged is signed by the renowned london-based duo Vactrol Park who set the mood for a distopyan trip in 2049.


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