Pizza Crust by Bastl Instruments

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Pizza Crust is a hard-hitting drum voice and goes way beyond drum territory. It consists of two layers, the NOISE source and dual oscillator TONE generator. Hard-hitting drums need a lot of transient attention and CRUST has you covered with the combination of pitch envelope, layer mixing, FM envelope, and transient shaper with hard-clipping.


  • complex drum voice
  • dual oscillator TONE layer with pitch settings
  • OCTAVE, DETUNE, pitch SWEEP, SEMI and FINE tune
  • 4 TONE shaping algorithms: FM, FM2, RING and DUAL
  • NOISE layer with filter and 4 algorithms: WHITE, BIT, CLAP and METALMETALIC
  • LAYER fader macro for balancing the TONE and NOISE layer by envelope settings and volume
  • ENV knob to lengthed decay to the right (CW of 12 o'clock) and both attack and decay to the left (CCW of 12 o'clock)
  • dedicated CV input for LAYER and ENV
  • ENV output
  • V/OCT input with calibration to tune the TONE layer
  • TIMBRE section with 3 parameters: FILTER, CLIP and SHAPE and a dedicated CV input
  • FILTER is lowpass/highpass filter of the NOISE layer
  • CLIP is a clipper with transient focus (hard clip) or body bass boost focus (soft clip)
  • SHAPE settings for the TONE layer with BODY focus or TRANSIENT focus
  • trigger input
  • velocity input - when trigger not connected it acts as input for external envelope
  • assignable CTRL knob and CTRL CV option
  • interchangeable HW with the Pizza Oscillator (just a different panel)
  • Size: 8HP
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Power: +12 V: 90 mA; -12 V: 20 mA


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