Kastle ARP by Bastl Instruments

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Kastle ARP is a unique modular melody generator based on a quantized sine wave oscillator with a digital waveshaper.


  • quantized-pitch sine wave oscillator
  • NOTE knob to browse thru 8 octaves
  • timbre xor waveshaper
  • CHORD CV input switches between 3 chords
  • CV controllable decay envelope generator
  • triggered pitch with “negative” decay to achieve melodic variation
  • BASS output with the root of the chord
  • boot mode to set a root note and fine-tune
  • voltage-controllable clock with square and triangle output
  • stepped voltage generator with random, 8-step, and 16-step loop modes
  • two I/O CV ports routable to any patch point
  • the main OUT capable of driving headphones
  • 3x AA battery operation or USB power, selectable by a switch
  • open source
  • durable black & silver PCB enclosure
  • dimensions: 70 x 60 x 50 mm
  • power: 5V via Micro USB or 3x AA battery Note: Kastle ARP may sound different when powered by AA batteries than when powered via USB due to the difference in voltages (5V on USB vs. 4.5V via AA batteries)


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