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Buddy is a four channel, stereo eurorack mixer optimised for hybrid setups.

Channels A and B are optimised for eurorack signal (either mono or stereo) with a slight boost (x2 / +6dB) and channels C and D are line level pre-amps that can boost the signal up to (x10 / +20dB) and feature stereo TRS jack inputs for direct integration of desktop units without further adaptors.

All channels feature clean boost via the high quality low-noise NE5532 op-amp (same as on the Dude), which delivers smooth overdrive - ideal for overdriving clean stereo signals. Several Buddy mixers can be chained via jumper cables on the back to expand the number of channels without losing precious inputs.


  • Size: 5HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: +12V: <27mA, -12V: <27mA


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