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MiniBrute 2 by Arturia

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MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary mono-synth that revolutionized the analog scene with its mixable waveforms, Steiner Parker filter, and Brute Factor.

Now with semi-modular architecture, you can splice its genome and expand its raw power into the world of Eurorack modular. Thanks to its massive CV/Gate patch bay, you will be able to reinvent and restructure your MiniBrute 2 at any time. The synth is semi-modular, even with no patch leads connected, and each of its features has already been cleverly, inspiringly routed.

If you want to start dissecting the sound and experimenting, you will find direct, 100% safe access to the MiniBrute 2’s genetic code on the right of its front panel.


  • Analog Synthesizer
  • 2 Analog VCO’s
  • 48-point CV and Gate patchbay
  • Arpeggiator types : Up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up, double down modes
  • Sequencer mode: 8 step-sequences with Rest, Tie and Legato note entry, each sequence can have up to 64 steps

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