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KeyStep Pro Chroma by Arturia

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KeyStep Pro Chroma is a special-edition version of the unparalleled 4-track sequencer & keyboard, embellished with a sleek dark gray finish, great-feeling knob caps and customizable track colors. The same all-in-one power, with more edge.


  • 4 independent sequencers
  • 16 patterns per track
  • Link up to 16 patterns together to create songs
  • Snapshots of all the sequences within a pattern, letting you instantly switch between sets of sequences
  • Everything in one place. Load, duplicate, tweak, edit, and save for later in its onboard memory
  • 37 note slim keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive
  • Four track step sequencer
  • Real-Time recording, step recording, step editing, pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability for each note
  • Drum sequencer, 24 part drum sequencer and polyrhythm
  • 7 arpeggiator modes, 5 octave range
  • 4x (CV, Gate, Mod) outputs + 8 drum gate outputs
  • 1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, USB, Clock synchronization
  • Size : 89 x 208 x 38mm
  • Weight :2.7 Kg

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