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Pod 64x by 4ms

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The Pod64X is 64HP with 2.16" (55mm) of available module depth. The built-in power supply has four power connectors and can be daisy-chained to other Pods. More power connectors can be added with the Multi Power Cable accessory.

This Pod requires a power brick (not included).

Or, if you already have a Pod and power brick (or a Row Power module) you can use a barrel cable to daisy-chain power supplies.


  • 64 HP of Eurorack modular space
  • Extra room for deep modules
  • Standard M3 threaded holes
  • 100% lightweight anodized aluminum
  • Built-in Power supply
  • Red, White, and Blue LED power indicators
  • Size: Width: 329.7mm (12.98"), Height: 159.5mm (6.28"), Depth: 57mm (2.24")
  • Power: +12V max 1.4A, -12V max 0.67A, +5V max 1.0A