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3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Breakout Cable (Set of 3) by 1010 Music

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The 1010music line of stereo breakout cables are designed to connect 2 mono audio signals to a single stereo TRS 3.5 mm minijack plug.

The slim caps fit side by side with other cables in compactly spaced input jacks, like those on the 1010music bluebox.

This stereo breakout cable connects two 3.5mm male mono TS minijack plugs to the left and right channels of one 3.5 mm male stereo TRS minijack plug. Red and black end caps on the split end differentiate the left and right channels. Each cable is 1.4 m/4.5 ft long and has slim metal caps with the 1010music logo on all plugs.


  • 1.4 m/4.5 ft long
  • one 3.5 mm male stereo TRS to two 3.5 mm male mono TS
  • Nickel / 24K Gold plated connector
  • Highly flexible PVC / TPE Jacket Materials
  • Rohs, UL, CE, and FCC approved

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