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Martin Pas curates a fine selection on the best hardware synthesizers to help musicians and passionate people to find their expression way.

Synthesizers plays a predominant role in contemporary music production. After the rise, in the middle fourthies, of the firsts european electronic studios, synthesizers and eletronic instruments in general increased their popularity, expecially over the seventies, and become the center of production and performances nowadays.

Products like, analog and digital keyboards and desktops, drum machines, electronic drum kits, vocoders, tape recorders, samplers, midi devices and more, provide a different approach related to traditional instruments, giving a chance to those who are not aware of music theory, to compose influential compositions.

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0-CTRL by Make Noise

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0-Coast by Make Noise

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01/IV by The Division Department


Abyss by Dreadbox

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Alchemist by Rebel Technology

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Alpha Base by Jomox

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Analog Four MKII by Elektron

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Analog Rytm MKII by Elektron

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Argon8 by Modal Electronics

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Argon8M by Modal Electronics

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Argon8X by Modal Electronics

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Arpopone by L.E.P