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Stereo Dipole by SSF

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This item is used. Everything is in perfect working order. It comes with original box. Some rack rash. View more pictures.


  • Complex quad multimode filter
  • Organized into two sides with two filter cores each
  • Can be used for complex binaural panning, formant filtering, and standard filtering effects
  • Each side offers Drive, Freq, Spread, and Resonance controls
  • FM, Resonance, Spread, & 1V/Oct CV inputs for each side
  • Stereo Freq, Stereo Res, Stereo FM, and Stereo Res CV controls affect both sides by adding to their individually defined values
  • Selection of Highpass, Bandpass, and Lowpass modes for each filter core
  • Individual outputs for each core, as well as grouped outputs
  • Options for Serial or Parallel operation for each side
  • High resonance yields self-oscillation with a range of over 20 octaves
  • A input normalized to B input for stereo upmixing of mono sources
  • Size: 20HP
  • Power: 150 mA +12V, 150 mA -12V

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