The item is discontinued.

Blades is a fully analog module. The distortion circuit at the beginning of the signal path can be used up to wave wavefolding and is available for both channels.

The flexible routing allows the two filters and distortions to be used in parallel or in series or in a mixture of both, similarly the filter type can be faded from low-pass to high-pass.

Single outputs and a mix output are useful to split a mono signal into a stereo signal with different filters/distortions or to bundle a stereo signal into a mono signal.Concerning CV control you can say that each parameter has an attenuator and a CV input.

The crossfade of filter types, the degree of resonance and the amount of distortion can be animated dramatically. Since the filters can be brought up to self-oscillation, blades can be used as dual oscillators with FM to AM function.


  • Clean 2-pole (12dB/octave) state-variable design.
  • CV-controlled filter response, continuously variable between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass.
  • CV inputs with attenuverters for cutoff and resonance.
  • Unattenuated frequency CV input, calibrated for 1V/Oct tracking.
  • Clean self-oscillation across the audio range, extending into very low frequencies, with constant amplitude.
  • Modulating the filter response is akin to modulating the phase of the self-oscillation tone.
  • Size: 18HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12V:150mA, -12V:140mA


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