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EX-800 Cutoff & Resonance Mod by Korg Used

EX-800 Cutoff & Resonance Mod

by Korg

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Korg EX-800 is the desktop version of the infamous poly800.

It is an eight-voice instrument (two more than the Juno series) with 64 memory patches (half of what the Juno-106 offered) and up to 50 editable parameters! Like the Juno, the Poly-800 had one DCO per voice, although it did feature a Double mode in which the oscillators could be stacked up for a fuller sound and only four voices of polyphony. The analog filter is a 24dB/oct low-pass which is shared by all voices (the Juno has separate filter chips for each voice). There's also a stereo chorus effect, chord memory, a simple built-in sequencer, three digital envelope generators (for the oscillators, the noise generator and the filter), and a funky joystick used to adjust the pitch, modulation and the filter.

Tested, excellent condition, perfect working order. Comes with power supply. It was professionally modded to add cutoff and resonance potentiometer on the side.View more pictures 📷