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Antidote by Dreadbox

The item is discontinued.

Antidote is based on Karplus–Strong string synthesis, it is a method of physical modelling synthesis that loops a short waveform through a filtered delay line to simulate the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion. Note: Ribbon Cable is not included.


  • Full Karplus-Strong synthesis voice
  • Analog circuit based on a 512stages BBD chip
  • On board noise generator with a variable decay (pluck)
  • Two analog low pass filters (one at the input and one at the output)
  • Output filter can be used as a low pass gate
  • Precision tracking over 5 octaves (from C0 up to B4)
  • Can process external audio signal so as to be used as: Resonator, Flanger (requires external LFO), Chorus (requires external LFO)
  • Frequency/delay time range: C0 @16,35hZ (61ms) up to - B4 @493,9hZ (2,1ms)
  • BBD quirks: C0 to F#0 will produce a hight pitched noise - depending on the external input and the LFO source, clicks and peaks might be audible
  • Current consumption: 92mA@+12v , 43mA@ -12v
  • 35mm depth
  • Size: 10HP

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